Tullia Morand is a French jazz saxophonist and composer.
The daughter of music lovers who train her from childhood to concerts of the greatest (from Dizzy Gilespy to Lionel Hampton, through Tito Puente and Miles Davis) it is natural that Tullia develops a very young love for jazz and music. mixed music.

If the saxophone is her instrument of choice, she is also passionate about flute, clarinet, Afro-Cuban percussion and the composition that becomes obvious to her.

She began her career in François Laudet‘s Big Band in 2006, with Rido Bayonne in 2008.

In 2014, she was invited by Dirty Dozen, Treme Brass Band and Delfayo Marsalis Big Band to New Orleans.
At the same time, she has the opportunity to compose for the cinema:
Sound Of Noise by Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson (2011), The Time of the Adventure by Jérôme Bonnel (2013) and for the groups Les Chevals, Cumbia Ya! and Dixirella.

Finally, spotted by François Morel, she participates since 2014 in her musical shows.

Drawing inspiration from her encounters in New York with Rich Perry, Eddy Daniels, Bob Mover, Barry Harris, Larry Schneider, Bob Mintzer and Grant Stewart, she released her first album entitled Betibop for her compositions in Quintet in 2009, and a second: September Song celebrating traditional New Orleans jazz in 2011.

In 2017, she sets up her Big Band TMO, fed by influences of jazz, classical, pop and film music.

Tullia Morand focuses today on her passion of composition. She extends this point to the orchestral dynamic to give to her compositions the amplitude of an orchestra led by « Mains Magiques« , title of her recent opus, released in 2019 by Clapson Records.


Soul Overdrive – The Cool Feedback – Milano Records – 2019
Une Fois Encore – Tarace Boulba – Formidable – 2000
KõnKman – Les Chevals – Irfan – 2007
Betibop – Tullia Morand Quintet – autoproduction – 2009
September Song – Dixirella – Plaza Mayor company – 2011
La Fanfare qui bat le pavé – Eugénie Cotton – Matador Production – 2013
La Mecanica Del Porro – Cumbia Ya! – Tarambana Production -2014
La Vie (titre provisoire) – François Morel – Sony Music – 2016
A Petits Pas – Virginie Fildier – 2017